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Dustin and Stacey

Hi! We are Dustin and Stacey. We wish we could give you a big hug and thank you for choosing life for your baby no matter how difficult or painful it might be for you. You ARE a hero!
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Hi, we are Dustin and Stacey.  We honor your courage and your selflessness at the choice to put your baby's needs first. Your choice to give your baby a life makes you a hero in our eyes. We are already praying for you and want you to know that we feel you are very brave and strong for the choice you've made! We wish we could give you a big hug and thank you for choosing life for your baby no matter how difficult or painful it might be for you. You ARE a hero!

From Dustin:   Stacey is the kindest person I've ever met. She wants to make everyone smile and is constantly putting others ahead of herself. I married her because I fell in love with her smile and the fact that she is gentle and warm. Our marriage has gotten stronger over the years because we've learned how to communicate together and how to work together to overcome everything that we've faced. We owe everything we have to our faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Stacey's faith is very important to her. Stacey will be a great mom because she is patient, kind, and understanding.

From Stacey:  Dustin wears his heart on his sleeve. We sometimes joke that he would be a terrible poker player because he has no "poker face". He genuinely loves our friends and family with all of his heart and is always willing to help or listen to someone who needs a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand. I fell in love with Dustin because of his faith in Christ and the way he treats other people. Dustin loves to make people smile, even though he is sometimes the only one laughing at one of his "dad jokes". Dustin will be a great dad because he is sensitive and caring.

We enjoy spending as much time as we can with our family and friends. This is because we both value these relationships above any worldly possession. Relationships are what life is all about- we believe that we're meant to live life with and for other people. We also enjoy just getting in the car and going on country drives. We turn the music up and just sing along... or we talk about things that are going on. We've done this since we started dating and it has just sort of become a tradition for us.

As we mentioned before, you're a hero for what you're doing. You may not know or realize this, but you have a lot of people praying for you and honoring the choice you're making by giving the baby you're carrying a life. Our friends and family are praying for you too, and we would love the opportunity to meet you and hear your story so we can understand the things that are important to you. We are praying for the opportunity to give a baby a stable, safe, supportive environment and to raise them up to be strong, confident, educated and full of faith in Jesus. We believe that these things will allow the baby you're carrying to move mountains and change the world!

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