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Brittany & Jordan

"Do not be afraid."

Dear birth mother, as you read this message, you're probably going through a lot. The unknown is scary.
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Please know of God's love for you. For your infant. Do not be afraid. Scripture says if 365 times. One for each day of the year. He knew we would need to hear this message. Please let it resonate in your heart.

Know that you are not on this journey on your own. Life is precious. We hope that you know the child you are bearing will find warm a loving home with a family that you select through Spirit of Faith. Take care and God bless.

Brittany is the most faithful woman. She radiates joy and her smile is absolutely contagious. She has a unique ability to communicate with children and makes teachable moments fun. She will be a wonderful mother.
Jordan is an incredible man of God. His love and devotion to family is beautiful and I am honored to be his wife. Jordan fills our home with creativity, music, and laughter. He is a wonderful husband and will make an amazing and dedicated father.
Brittany is a teacher at our local Catholic school and works with grades Pre-k - 12. She loves baking and the outdoors. Jordan works at the local hospital in the marketing department and loves photography in his spare time. We are both fun and hospitable towards everyone we meet. We can also be very goofy...

pic 2We love visiting Cedar Point. Jordan grew up with annual season passes. His grandma would bring him and his cousins. Brittany used to come up with her family for an annual trip. Rest assured, a child in our family will grow up with the Peanuts Gang!

Brittany's brother, Travis, has a baby girl named Josephine. She would make a great cousin. We also have a pet cat named River - bet you can't guess who is sillier, him or Jordan. Also, it's a summer tradition to make homemade pasta sauce with tomatoes from our garden. Jordan's step-mom introduced us to sauce-making.

We have lived in our home since 2017. With anticipation of building a family, we made sure to find a home with extra rooms. Jordan loves working on house projects. Brittany loves baking and making the house smell delicious. We also grow veggies in the garden each summer - tomatoes, carrots and more!
Dear birthmother, know that your child will be well loved by us. It has been our desire to build a family since we were dating. We look forward to loving a child with every fiber of our beings. We may not always be perfect, but it is our intention to raise a child with utmost care and respect. Know we will continue to pray for you and your baby.
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