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Craig and Gwen

Thank you so much for choosing life! What an amazing mother you must be. Considering adoption for your baby is both an incredible act of selfless love and heart-wrenching choice, all at the same time.
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As parents, Craig and I have experienced the grief of leaving the hospital without our baby. So, when we say we "get" how hard this choice is, we really. get. it.

Gwen can be described as a fun seeking, caring and loving individual. Just look at some of the pictures! I remember in high school, my wife was the person who could go up and talk to anyone. Her ability to become friends with anyone, and make them feel important is an awesome trait. She brings excitement to our family by planning adventures and finding fun family activities to do.

Craig is hard-working Veterinarian who takes his role as provider very seriously. He is a devoted husband and father to me and Sadie. Craig is loving and compassionate, always remembering important dates and anniversaries of family and clients. Sadie was 7 years old when we married, so I look forward to seeing him experience all the "firsts" of a new baby; the sleepless nights, first words, first steps. Craig enjoys surprising us with our favorite doughnuts or thoughtful gifts. He tries to be funny, but honestly, he is a terrible joke teller!

As a couple, we enjoy finding new restaurants to try. We have fun travelling around the area discovering different places to visit and delicious food to taste. This is also a relaxing way for us to spend quality time together, away from technology and other distractions! dsc0083 1

Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about ourselves. We promise that any child we have the privilege of raising will experience the unconditional love of God and family, stability, adventure and the best education we can provide. Whether your final decision is parenting or adoption, we pray that you will feel surrounded by God's loving presence and peace.

We look forward to meeting soon, and knowing you better!

Craig and Gwen

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