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Mission Statement:
The mission of Spirit of Faith Adoptions is to provide Christ-centered adoption services,
including education and awareness. We offer grace, compassion, and support to biological
parents, adoptive families, and adoptees as they navigate the lifelong journey of adoption.

7 adoptees from age 11 to 55, smiling and sitting on a sofa together

The SOFA Story

It all started in 2006, with a parent sitting on a sofa one day, reflecting on the blessing that adoption has been to his family. He and his wife have always felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and compassion for their sons' biological parents.

The reason why that parent started Spirit of Faith Adoptions, also known as "S.O.F.A" was to ensure that every adoptee knows the truth. God loves adoption. And their biological parent(s) chose adoption for them out of the most unconditional expression of love that a parent can show a child. 

For 17 years, Spirit of Faith Adoptions has supported both biological and adoptive families, and will continue on this mission, because the smiles on these adoptees' faces (pictured) are important to all of us!

SOFA is a Christ-centered, Non-Profit Infant Adoption Agency in Ohio

Birth Father sitting on a white sofa and birth mom is standing behind the sofa, holding her baby tight.

Fully Licensed

Adoptive mom and adoptive dad standing behind a sofa with their 5 adopted children sitting on the sofa and smiling

Not for Profit

Spirit of Faith Adoptions staff members sitting on a sofa in Toledo, Ohio in a park.


  • A Birth Mom
  • Adoptive Parents 
  • Single Parents
  • Adult Adoptee & Adoptive Parent - Marketing Team
  • Adult Adoptee - Trainer
  • Adoptive Parent - Chaplain
  • 125+ Combined Yrs. of Adoption Experience

Providing Hope in Ohio

birth mother and adult transracial adoptee sitting on the sofa, talking about their adoption experiences

Want to learn more about infant adoption in Ohio? The best introduction to SOFA is through real-life testimonies. Jennifer is a birth mom and she, along with a SOFA adoptive family will share their stories of hope, free, via Zoom, once per month. All are welcome!   

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Support Of Families Always


Everyone who knows Spirit of Faith Adoptions refers to us by our acronym, "S.O.F.A."  And to us, "S.O.F.A." perfectly spells out our vision which is "Support Of Families Always!"


Click HERE to read SOFA Families' Stories of Hope


Whether you are an expectant parent, a birth parent (an expectant parent who chose adoption), an adoptive parent or an adoptee, Spirit of Faith Adoptions is here for you. 


Whenever you need us, no matter how long it's been, we are just a phone call or an email away.... always!     

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