Becoming an Adoptive Family

Baby Step:

Attend our free Orientation session.  Jennifer Mae, a birth mother on our staff and an adoptive family will share their stories and answer your questions about open adoption through Spirit of Faith Adoptions in a virtual 1 hour meeting. All are welcome to register to attend.  Click for more information

Fees are due at various steps in the process, depending on the services you need in order to complete your adoption.  Click here to access Spirit of Faith Adoptions' Fee Schedule.

**If you already have a currently approved home study, please click HERE.

Step 1: Initial Inquiry

To initiate the adoption process, we invite you to click here to submit an initial inquiry to Spirit of Faith Adoptions. You will be asked to provide statements of faith. There is no cost to submit an initial inquiry.  You are welcome to submit an initial inquiry before attending the Orientation to Infant Adoption (virtual) meeting. 

Step 2: Application

Hopeful adoptive families will be contacted within 7 days after you submit an initial inquiry.  An Ohio adoption application form will be provided to all families accepted into the program.

Step 3: Home Study Assessment and Training

After you have been accepted into our program, pre-adoptive infant foster families will receive detailed instructions regarding required paperwork to submit. Ellie is an adoptive parent and has been a member of our staff for 11 years.  She has been through the homestudy process and will guide you through every piece of paperwork to help you complete your file. You will also need to complete Preservice Training during this step. Once all of the paperwork has been submitted, an adoption assessor will complete your home study assessment with you which consists of a few meetings and a tour of your home. When the home study is completed, your family will receive written notification of your status.  An approved home study in Ohio is valid for a period of two years and must remain current until an adoptive placement is finalized in a court of law, typically six to nine months following the placement of the child.

Step 4: Activation into the Domestic Infant Matching Program

After completing the home study process, hopeful adoptive parents will be invited to join the matching program. During this stage, families will create profile photo books on, and those will be used to introduce adoptive families to expectant parents.  Everyone says knowing what to write is tough, so Jennifer Mae, a birth mother who placed her daughter with her parents 17 years ago, will give provide some helpful tips for families. 

Steps 5 and 6: Matching, Surrender, and Placement

After expectant parents have reviewed profiles, Spirit of Faith Adoptions will facilitate all aspects of the adoptive planning and placement of the child with his/her hopeful adoptive parents, at the expectant parents' request, a minimum of 72 hours following the child's birth. Our staff will be available to guide both expectant and adoptive families through each step in the process. Our staff of clinical coordinators provide expectant parents with their cell phone numbers and meet with them frequently as they weigh their options. Staff will be present at meetings between adoptive families and expectant parents, and we will provide you with detailed social and medical history information about the child's biological family members. If the expectant parent(s) and the hopeful adoptive family agree, they will be officially matched.  After the child is born and the 72 hour window has elapsed, Spirit of Faith Adoptions' staff will facilitate the surrender by the biological parents followed by the placement with the adoptive family.

Step 7:  Post-Placement Services

As required by Ohio law, a Spirit of Faith Adoptions' assessor will visit an adoptive family's home regularly after the adoptive placement of a child occurs. This begins within the first seven days after the child joins your family and will continue monthly until the adoption is finalized in a court of law in Ohio.

Home Study Updates and Amendments

Approved Ohio home studies remain valid as long as they are updated once every two years.  Spirit of Faith Adoptions will notify families when an update is due.  In addition, anytime there is a significant change in the family or living situation, a home study amendment must be completed.  This will ensure that the family's home study and adoption file continue to represent the family's situation accurately. Changes that require an amendment include, but are not limited to, a job change, relocating to a new home, a major illness in the family, or a change in household occupancy. CLICK HERE to report a change.

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