Dane and Caroline

Dane and Caroline at the beach

Starting a family has been a lifelong dream for each of us. After quite a few years of struggle and heartache trying to conceive on our own, we are SO excited to be on this adoption journey! We can't wait for the day to bring a child into our home to make our family complete.

Please know that your child will be so loved and cherished by us and our whole family! We will make sure your child knows his/her story, and that he/she is loved and valued so much that you wanted to be sure he/she has the best life possible! Being adopted will be something to be proud of.  

Dane and Caroline at the beach

A Little About Dane:

Written by Caroline: 

Dane is someone who is ALWAYS in a good mood. He has such a thirst for life and his spirit is infectious among everyone he meets. Dane is my light on the darkest days and can quickly help me shake off any mood by a good joke. He uses his silly nature to always keep me laughing!

He has a passion for health and wellness and enjoys playing golf, watching movies, and hanging out with family and friends in his spare time. He's also involved in a mentorship program for those with disabilities and would love to coach his future son or daughter's soccer team!

Dane and Caroline dressed up for a nice event

A Little About Caroline:

Written by Dane: 

Caroline ins one of those infectious people that light up any room she's in. People can't help but to gravitate towards her bubbly personality and her kind and loving spirit. She is the most amazing kindergarten teacher that each year ALL the parents hope their child will have, so I know she will also make an amazing mother!

Caroline loves people, and her friends and family mean the world to her. When she's not with them, she enjoys reading, working out, doing ANYTHING outside (her and Bella love their daily walks together!), and planning our next travel destination!   

Dane and Caroline hiking with their dog

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves! We are so grateful that you love your child so much that you are willing to consider adoption. While we know this cannot be easy, our hope is that your feel supported and loved throughout the process. 

Dane and Caroline

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