Isaiah and Kasey

Isaiah and Kasey

Hello, we are Isaiah and Kasey Thompson. We understand that this is a difficult time in your life and we are fully ready to walk this journey beside you, should you choose our family. We don't ever want you to feel alone through any of this process. We want to get to know you on a personal level and really develop a close relationship, as adoption would bond us together for life. We want to be there for you any time you need us and be as supportive as we can be. 

Isaiah and I have felt the call to adopt well before we ever met each other. We prayed for a spouse who would be open to adoption and God answered those prayers. We are extremely excited to grow our family through adoption. 

Adoption is also very prevalent in our family. Isaiah’s sister owns an adoption agency in Arkansas, and we have many nieces, nephews and cousins who are adopted!

Isaiah kissing Kasey on the cheek

What Isaiah Loves About Kasey

I love her inward beauty. I love her peaceful presence, I love how great of a wife she is. I love the encouragement she brings through being an amazing companion. I love how she is a Christ- centered loving mother, and how well she cares for our children. I love how she enjoys the little things in life, that she isn't materialistic but more about thoughtfulness. I love the way she pursues her relationship with Christ and how that reflects on our relationship. I love how she encourages me to persevere through hard situations. 

Isaiah and Kasey riding bikes

What Kasey Loves Most About Isaiah

I love how much Isaiah loves the Lord and how obedient he is to Him. I love how sensitive he is to the things he feels the Lord leading him in. I love his sense of humor and the way he can always lighten the mood. I love how he always points me to Christ and how well he leads our family and loves my biological children as his own! He is patient and kind and always supportive. I respect him so much for how hard he works to provide for our family. Not just financially, but emotionally and spiritually as well. I love how he encourages me when I am having a tough day and how he always loves me unconditionally. I love that he is dedicated to us and is always looking for ways that he can serve his family. 

Isaiah and Kasey's family

Meet Our Family

I (Kasey) have two children that are not biologically Isaiah's. My daughter Makenna is 16 and my son Elijah is 13. Makenna has a bubbly personality and can light up a room. She loves to do hair and she also loves to baby sit kids. When she gets older she wants to be a Cosmetologist or work in child care. She loves to be outside and loves to spend time with friends and family. Elijah is a little more shy, until you get to know him! He is the most kind hearted kid that we know. He loves to spend time with family and loves to play games. He has an artsy mind. He loves to ride bikes and spend time outdoors. He has a heart for the Lord and is eager to learn more about Him. When he gets older he wants to flip houses! 

In 2022, we met our newest member of our family, and we are in the process of making him a permanent member of our family through adoption. 

Our faith is the number one most important thing to us. We believe that you can't rightly love each other without loving Christ first. We both always put the Lord first and we are so thankful that He gave us each other.

As a family, we like to play games together. We like to ride bikes or go for walks. We like to go visit family in different states and enjoy vacation time while we're doing that. We have family in Arkansas, Florida, and Nebraska. Family is very important to us. We spend holidays and birthdays with our family, whether that's in Ohio or traveling to another state to do so. We attend church every Sunday. We also like to spend time with our friends and their kids as well. We also love a good movie night in! 

Collage of Isaiah and Kasey's family

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