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Blake and Leanne

We promise to love your child with our whole hearts providing a home filled with love, laughter and memories for a lifetime.
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Thank you for considering adoption and especially considering us to parent your child. We cannot fully express our gratitude to you for choosing life for him or her. We promise to love your child with our whole hearts providing a home filled with love, laughter and memories for a lifetime. We plan to raise him or her with a deep faith in God and with the stability of our loving home. We also intend to share with him or her the great sacrifice you made by choosing adoption and how much you love them.

I have always been attracted to Leanne's smile and her cute laugh. Making her laugh at least once a day is a goal of mine just to see these qualities. She is smart, caring, gentle, willing to help others, and knows what she wants in life. These qualities are what lead me to want to marry her. I never had a doubt in my mind that Leanne would be a great mom! She has always loved to play with our nieces and nephews and never turns down the opportunity to have them over to our house. Watching how Leanne cares for Weston just reinforces my opinion of how great of a mom she really is! She loves spending every moment she can with him playing, reading books and taking stroller or wagon rides down to see the animals at the barn. Seeing how much she loves Weston makes me love her even more.

Initially I was attracted to Blake because of his goofy nature and adorable dimples. He can be quite a character and loves to tell stories and make people laugh. Beyond his sense of humor, Blake is genuine, hardworking and would do anything for friends and family. It was these qualities that made me marry him. Blake is an awesome dad! He loves our son and would do anything to make him happy and laugh. Blake especially loves having Weston on the farm, showing him the tractors and animals. Seeing Blake hold and play with Weston melts my heart!

We love to go places and attend events but most of all we enjoy each other. Our favorite times are dinners together, going out or just making a meal together, we love to spend this time talking and being a family. We also spend time hosting friends and family for cook outs. Our families are very close and we spend lots of time together!

Thank you for getting to know us and considering us to be adoptive parents to your child. We will continue to pray for you and your child. We would love the opportunity to meet you and get to know you better.

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