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Eric & Monica

Birth parent(s), you are amazing. Thank you for choosing life. We respect your courage and your strength in providing your child with love and life in the midst of unanswered questions and challenges.
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We are praying for your physical strength and that you will be supported in every way. You are nurturing and caring for a dear child of God and it is important to us that you are always valued and respected for the amazing birth parent that you are!

ging fam pic 2Meet Monica! Monica and I were vague acquaintances, and were set up on a blind date by our sisters and friends. From the time we met, it was super easy for us to talk and carry a conversation; and I began to learn what a kind, giving, and caring heart Monica has. Truly the size of Texas! Monica loves children. She loves being busy, and planning activities and events like swimming, going to the zoo, going to our local science museum, and getting together with friends for play dates. Those are fun, but being at home with our family is a favorite pastime that Monica loves also! We love those quiet evenings around the campfire with family and friends, and Monica and I enjoy hosting and learning from our neighbors, enriching our lives in many ways.  Our boys are so very blessed to have Monica as their Mother. She has a special way of meeting our needs, and having a Mommy heart is a gift God has given her.

This man is awesome. From the first time we met on a blind date, Eric was sincere, down to earth and totally comfortable. After eight years of marriage, he is still that man. Eric is a true country boy at heart...he loves the farm the wild west and animals. His heart is fully alive when he gets to work around the farm, drive a tractor and spend time with his family. Everyday I have the pleasure of seeing the boys faces and hearing their squeals of delight when Eric walks in from work, and the excitement and love for their Dad is mutual, normally resulting in a high action game of hide-and-seek, a baseball game or Bandit catching. :) 
Weekends often find them all out in the shop or outside tending the animals and working on projects. Our sons are blessed to learn from Eric's example - a strong work ethic , a desire to follow God and the time invested in relationships are all character traits that he is known for. We are the lucky ones to have Eric leading our family!
We have the privilege of living in the farmhouse that Eric was raised in, where we hobby farm. At any given time, there is always free entertainment at our fingertips and we love this life of taking a golf cart ride to the large garden, a four wheeler ride to the back pasture, helping cut acres of hay, family days of picking our apples and making applesauce, having neighbors over to enjoy campfires, but we also love lots of quality quiet front porch sitting drinking coffee, watching the sunsets while the boys swing beside us or play in our front yard.
Know that we are praying for you, your baby, and that you may have peace in your upcoming decision. We also want you to know that children in our home are always loved, cherished and encouraged not only by us, but by many family and friends as well. We wish you and yours the very best, and would love the opportunity to meet you!
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