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Seth and Brandy - Matched

We are Seth and Brandy, We do not know what your story has been like up until this point, but we appreciate and respect you for choosing life and considering adoption.
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We will pray for your peace with whatever decision you make.

Brandy is my north star. She is the star that shines the brightest and helps me navigate when the path forward is unclear. She does that by listening and also sharing her thoughts. She has good instinct and balances emotions with reasoning. This is how she has helped me become the person I am. She’s supported me and opened me up. Brandy is a great mom. She is very purposeful about having activities planned with Kylan while balancing running errands and playdates. She makes sure that Kylan is developing and learning but also having fun and socializing. Brandy is very gentle, but she isn’t soft. She is a strong woman and will teach our kids that women are strong and to be respected. I love Brandy and the life and family we have built together and am excited for the next chapter in our lives.
img 2330There is so much to say about my husband Seth. He is funny, energetic, determined, loving, thoughtful, he is definitely my favorite person and the most perfect person for me to do life with. Seth like most people is a walking contradiction, he’ s intense but relaxed, goofy yet productive. He is rough and tumble but also gentle and loving. We are the opposite in so many ways but in the core of what we believe we are always on the same page. Being open and loving others is always in the forefront. I respect his opinion and seek it out when I am making any difficult decision. I admire his desire to care for his family, he wants to be a good husband and a good father. He works hard and is determined to keep our family comfortable and secure. But never at the expense of missing out on spending time with us. Even doing mundane things like going to our son Kylan’s doctors appointments or changing diapers. Seth shows his love for us through action, for instance he spent months remodeling our kitchen all by himself, just so I could have my dream kitchen. He will play the same games over and over with Kylan just because it makes Kylan laugh. Seth loves making people laugh. We have been married for ten years now and I still find him just as funny as the day we met. Seth challenges me to be a better person, while still being loving and accepting. Seth is a wonderful husband and a great father, I couldn’t have hoped for better.
Seth and I love to laugh, we both try not to take ourselves too seriously and are playful and fun in most circumstances. To get our dose of laughter we often watch funny movies together or go out to local comedy shows. Seth and I also love spending time together, as a family, that includes our son Kylan and our 2 dogs. Often, our family time is spent outside no matter the weather we love being in the fresh air, we hike in the woods, take walks around the neighborhood, play at the beach or, Kylan’s favorite, play at the many neighborhood parks. People and relationships are the most important thing and we cherish our time together.
Dear Birth Mom, the funny thing about life is it rarely goes as planned, I think most people can relate to that in some way or another. Often those unplanned events lead us to have to make important decisions. We want to send you strength, warmth, love and prayers as you make your decision. We respect you so much for choosing life and considering adoption. By choosing life and adoption you are giving another family a truly remarkable gift. A gift they can often not give themselves. For Seth and I that gift is our miracle. A child for us would bring so much love and joy to our life, we can only be filled with such profound love and gratitude for you. We don’t know where you are on this journey, but we believe God can give you peace and turn this important and challenging decision for good no matter what your decision is. We know you will make the best choice for your family. And if adoption is your choice we would love to meet you, get to know you, and hear your hopes and dreams for your precious child.
Sent with love, 
Seth and Brandy
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