Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of adopting?

The final cost of adoption can vary, depending on several different factors.  To view the fees associated with each step of the Spirit of Faith Adoptions process and to read about funding resources for prospective adoptive parents, click here.  To learn more about federal and state adoption tax credits, please click here

2. Why do some adoptions cost more than others?

Different types of adoption have different cost structures.  Public adoption, aka adopting children out of the foster care system, has minimal cost for the adoptive parents, as most of the costs are covered through funding provided to the County Children's Services agencies.  Private domestic adoption and international adoption are funded by fees paid by the adoptive parents.  Spirit of Faith Adoptions is a private, non-profit adoption agency in Ohio that is funded via fees paid by adoptive parents, and through various fundraising efforts.

3. How many adoptive placements does your agency successfully complete in a given year?

Spirit of Faith Adoptions has historically averaged one infant placement per month.  The demand for expectant parent services fluctuates greatly and can be unpredictable.  However, every person who requests our adoption coordination services receives one on one time and attention.  Ultimately, it is the biological parent(s) choice to complete the adoption planning process or to parent their child.

4. Why should I select Spirit of Faith Adoptions as my adoption agency?

Spirit of Faith Adoptions is dedicated to personal attention and care for all involved in every single adoption.  Spirit of Faith's Director and founder is an adoptive parent and has been involved in the adoption field for many years, and our staff is comprised of many adoptive parents, single moms, an adoptee, a birth parent and clinicians. We get the challenges and tribulations of adoption. Our staff of trusted adoption advisors brings personal as well as professional training into every meeting, and we are committed to offering support during pregancy and after birth for biological parents considering adoption.  

5. How long does it take to adopt?

No adoption agency can guarantee how long it will take to adopt, and any particular adoption can encounter obstacles.  Spirit of Faith Adoptions works closely with applicants to complete the home study and accompanying paperwork as efficiently as possible, usually within 30-120 days from the time of application.  Once the home study is completed, the time frame for a domestic adoptive placement can vary from a few months to up to 1-2 years.  The reason for this is that the expectant parents select the hopeful adoptive parents by reviewing profile books.  Expectant parents may have specific things that they are looking for and those qualities vary from one to the next.  For those reasons, when an expectant parent selects a family and requests to be matched with them for a possible adoptive placement, the agency facilitates that process at the request of the expectant parent(s) who chose the family.

6. How many families are waiting for adoptive placements at any given time?

Because expectant parents typically select the prospective adoptive parents for their child, we prefer to have a variety of family profiles to present to each expectant parent.  With that being said, Spirit of Faith Adoptions reviews our domestic infant programming needs regularly and strives to meet the anticipated needs of expectant parents by increasing or limiting the number of families that are accepted into the program.

7. What is a home study, and do I need one?

A homestudy is an assessment of a prospective parents' ability to provide a secure, safe and loving home for a child and it must be conducted by a licensed social worker or professional counselor who has completed state mandated adoption assessor training.  All adoptions in Ohio must be preceded by a home study.  Spirit of Faith Adoptions is licensed in Ohio by the Department of Job and  Family Services to provide domestic homestudy services in the state of Ohio.

8. Am I eligible to adopt in Ohio?

For a domestic adoption, there are few restrictions, provided that a valid home study has been approved. Spirit of Faith Adoptions is a Christian infant adoption agency in Ohio and believes that children should be raised in homes where God's principles regarding family relationships are promoted.

9. What funding resources are available to prospective adoptive parents?

There are significant adoption tax benefits and deductions available to most adoptive families.  Please consult your tax advisor or (keyword search: adoption tax credit).  Many churches are establishing adoption funds as well.  Click here for information about financial resources.

10. What type of support is offered to expectant parents?

Expectant parents who contact Spirit of Faith Adoptions are provided with personalized, one-on-one care and support throughout the pregnancy and beyond.  Each biological family is assigned to a Clinical Coordinator.  Click here to see one of our staff discuss her role as a coordinator.  The Clinical Coordinator ensures that the expectant parent understands the laws, process, and the impact of openness in choosing adoption.  Our coodinators also provide support, education and information about community resources. 

The Clinical Coordinator serves as the expectant parent's advocate and offers supports as requested, throughout the pregnancy, no matter what the expectant parent ultimately chooses.   is a post-adoption resource for anyone who places a child into an adoptive family and Jennifer Mae, a member of our staff facilitates ongoing support via Facebook and her annual Christ-centered Fireweed Retreat. 

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