Your home study must be updated every two years.  You will be notified by the agency in advance when it is time for your update.  You will need to let us know if you intend to complete the update or if you wish to allow your home study to expire.  Once we receive your intent to update, and your payment has been made, one face to face home visit will need to be scheduled with your adoption assessor.

In addition, one new PROFESSIONAL reference will need to be provided.  A professional reference can be provided by a pastor/religious leader, medical doctor, psychologist, or educator that you have a relationship with and is familiar with your functioning as an adoptive family.

Updated medical forms (ODJFS 1653) are required for all household members, including children.  If you have had a significant change in your financial status, or if you have made significant improvements to your home, an Applicant Financial Statement will be needed as well.

The forms needed to complete the update can be obtained on the Forms and Links page.  These forms include:

  1348:  Safety Audit (Assessor will complete this form during home visit)

  1681:  Applicant Financial Statement

  1653:  Medical Statement

FBI and BCII background checks are also required when updating your home study.  Please note: Household members turning eighteen years of age shall have a bureau of criminal identification and investigation (BCII) background check and federal bureau of investigation (FBI) check, as outlined in rule 5101:2-48-10 of t he Administrative Code, initiated within ten working days of the date that the child turns eighteen years of age.

Use the link below to locate a WebCheck location near your home. 

If you have any questions regarding the home study update, please contact Ellie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Home Study Amendments

When certain changes occur within your household during the approval period for your home study, Spirit of Faith Adoptions must complete an amendment to your home study.  If any of the following changes occur, please notify the agency within 24 hours:

  1. A change in the marital status of approved adoptive parents
  2. Any serious illness or death of an approved adoptive parent or household member
  3. The finalization of an adoptive child placed by a different agency
  4. A change in the number of household members, not including foster children
  5. A criminal charge or conviction of any approved adoptive parent or other adult household member
  6. A significant change in financial status or income
  7. A change in address for the adoptive family that is different than the address listed on the most recent home study or update