Step 2 - Application

We are pleased to welcome you to the Spirit of Faith Adoptions' Infant Adoption program. As you complete each step in the process and all corresponding fees have been paid, you will be invited to proceed to the next step in the adoption process via an email notification. Once that notification is received, you will be authorized to access the information, forms, and documents required for the next step. Please allow two business days to receive email notifications. 

The next step is Step 2: "Application for Child Placement".  For all new home study applicants, it is crucial to fill this out in its entirety, including disclosure of any criminal history.  Every section must be completed. If a question does not apply to you, please fill in "n/a".  Use the Document Submission Form to upload your completed application. If you have already completed a home study with another agency within the past two years, please do not submit a new application. **If you already have a currently approved home study, please click HERE.

Please note:  While we have given you access to additional steps for informational purposes, please know that NOTHING will be valid that you complete prior to the notification that your application has been received and accepted by Spirit of Faith Adoptions.  Please do NOT access online training, or complete any additional paperwork until that notification has been received.  Invalid items will have to be resubmitted to complete your home study.

The application fee is now due for those who are submitting the Ohio Application for Child Placement to Spirit of Faith Adoptions. When you have reached this step in the process, a fee payment link will display on the menu to the left. Once the application and payment have been received, you will be notified on how to proceed with gathering and submitting the remaining documents needed for your home study!

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