Step 4 - Activation into the Infant Matching Program

The next step is to Activiate into the Infant Matching Program and create your family profile. Once your home study is completed, the "Activation into the Infant Matching Program Fee" link will apear on the left-hand side. That must be paid in full and this form must be completed: PROFILE DISTRIBUTION WAIVER OF LIABILITY prior to your profile being shown to expectant parents.

Please see the tips below for creating your profile:

This will be the way that birth parents will get to know who you are, and be able to picture the life their child will have growing up in your family.  This process can be difficult, so give yourself plenty of time to get it right!

Suggestions for Creating a Photo Profile for Birth Parents  

A profile is your way to make a first impression with a birth parent.  A birth parent may or may not be a Christian, however, often they have contacted us because of some association with someone or some comforting feeling about "Christianity."  More than likely, they are looking for a married couple to parent their child.  They might also find comfort in knowing that Christians honor their promises.  They may or may not have any more experience than meeting us and/or you.  Therefore, we want to encourage you to convey your hearts in your profiles and mention that your religious practices mean to you.  Just be careful not to overdo it, because they are just as afraid of feeling judged or rejected.  Calling us and considering adoption is a VERY big leap of faith for a birth parent.  We strive to make it a comfortable and positive experience no matter what.

Profile 1 black couple in love picTypically, a birth parent will flip through a profile and look at photos before they read any of the written information.  They are interested in seeing how their child will be raised.  They are also hoping to experience a sense of your personalities as well as the love that is shared between husband and wife.  Please select a variety of photos to use in your profiles, balancing posed and candid shots as much as possible.  The photos on this page are some excellent examples.  Birth parents love how photos like these showed emotion, conveyed personality and made a lasting impression on their hearts.


Please include the following:

  • An introduction about you as a couple, including a short story about how you met, married, etc.
  • An introduction of the husband written by the wife.  Include answers to these questions in your narrative:  Why did I marry him?  What do I love/admire about him?  What will it be like to see him as a father?
  • An introduction of the wife written by the husband.  Include information such as: What attracted me to her?  Why did I want to marry her?  What are some of her endearing qualities?  How do you envision her as a mother to your children?Profile 3 170194475
  • Fun Fact page for husband, and a separate Fun Fact page for wife.  Be silly!  This is a good way to convey your personalities in the profile.  Make it fun!  Fun facts can include any of the following favorites:  breakfast food, TV show, movie, beverage, holiday, childhood memory, sandwich, vacation spot, food, sport, music, color, room in your house, relative, friend, day of the week, fast food restaurant, etc.  Pick one or two and explain why you like it.  You can also choose to list unique traits in fun ways such as: "I don't like my foods to touch."  "I put ketchup on my scrambled eggs."  "I love walking along the beach early in the morning before anyone else gets up because it's quiet, peaceful, and I feel closest to God in that moment."
  • Photos and general description of your home and community (small, large, rural, urban, suburban, etc.)
  • Photos and stories about a special memory or tradition.  (i.e.: vacation, holiday, etc.)
  • A few photos of your friends/family.  
  • Include a sentiment to the birth parents.  Answer these questions:  How do you feel about the person reading this who is seriously contemplating adoption?  What kind of relationship would you like to have with the birth parents of your child?  How will you explain adoption to your child?  What will you tell your child about his/her birth parents?
  • Any other story/photos that are meaningful to you with an explanation of why.

Profile 5 walking coupleHere is a list of helpful hints to consider when composing your profiles:


  • Use the 8 x 11 soft cover format size.
  • Put your first names and a high-quality photo of yourselves on the front cover of your book.
  • Put 1-3 high quality, recent photos on each page (4x6 or larger).
  • Share personal stories throughout the profile, one on every other page.
  • It is VERY important for the adoptive FATHER's voice to be heard throughout the profile, therefore, he must write at least some of it.
  • If you marked "willing to consider" multiple cultures/races on your Child Characteristics Checklist, please include photos of people in your social circle who are also multi-cultural.


  • Please do not create collage pages.
  • Do not use any photos depicting alcohol, smoking, or guns.Profile 6 Praying Couple Together
  • Do not use your last name, the city where you live, or the name of your employer in your profile.
  • If you make reference to infertility, make sure to keep the details to a minimum.
  • Don't forget who your audience is: birth parents are looking for genuine people who are committed to one another and to the process of getting to know him/her prior to the child's birth.

There are two profile formats:

  1. To create the hard copy of your profile, create an account at  You can create the photo book using Shutterfly's tools.  When your book is ready to review, "share" your project with Jennifer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  After your profile is approved for printing, order 4 copies of your profile and have them sent directly to the office at 3315 Centennial Rd., Suite A-1, Sylvania, OH 43560.
  2. After you have completed your hard copy profile, you can create an abbreviated electronic profile to post on our website.  Follow directions here to create your online profile.

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