Step 6 - Facilitation of the Permanent Surrender and Adoptive Placement

After the match has been agreed to by birth and adoptive parents, a match staffing meeting will occur with at least three members of the Spirit of Faith Adoptions staff.  A representative of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services will be invited to attend, and at that time, all known needs of the child will be shared with the staff.  This meeting must take place prior to the adoption consent being signed by the birth parents.

Prior to the time that the child is placed with you, Spirit of Faith will provide you with information about the child and any identified or anticipated special needs.  We will also discuss with you resources that are available to assist you in making an informed decision about the placement.  That information will include:

  1. Child Study Inventory - The information disclosed to the adoptive parents shall include all background information available on the child in accordance with rule 5101:2-48-21 of the Ohio Administrative Code.
  2. Information regarding any child-specific financial and medical resources, known or anticipated, including any appropriate subsidy information.
  3. Materials the biological parent(s) requested be given to the adopted person or adoptive parent(s), if authorization is given on the JFS 01693 "Ohio Law and Adoption Materials" form.
  4. Photographs of the biological parent(s) that the birth parent(s) requested be given to the adopted person or adoptive parent(s), if authorization is given on the JFS 01693.
  5. The biological parent's first name, if authorization is given on the JFS 01693.
  6. The child's social security number, if applicable.

A representative of Spirit of Faith Adoptions will meet with the birth parent(s) at a time and date of their choosing, a minimum of 72 hours following the baby's birth, to review and sign the Permanent Surrender of Child form (ODJFS 1666).  The birth parents will be asked a series of questions that will be audio-recorded.  An attorney will be provided for anyone who requests legal representation and minors are required to have an attorney present.

Following the permanent surrender process, you will be notified and asked to meet a representative of Spirit of Faith Adoptions to complete forms pertaining to the adoptive placement. (ODJFS 1654 and 1667).

Copies of additional agency-specific forms that you will be asked to sign on the date of placement are available for you to review.  There are many forms and we simply encourage you to read through them prior to the day that you become parents, as it can be one that is full of emotion.

The placement fees are payable within the first thirty days following the adoptive placement date.

Please note:  In order for Spirit of Faith Adoptions to be able to place a child into your family, your home study must remain current until the date of the finalization in court.  This occurs at least six months following the adoptive placement in accordance with rules 5101:2-48-12.1 and 5101:2-48-12.2 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

What happens when the birth parent(s) change their mind?

Adoption can be an emotional and difficult process.  Sometimes, the birth parents will decide to raise their child themselves, even after a match.  Click here to hear Barb talk about her experiences with an unsuccessful match prior to the placement of her daughter.

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