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Jennifer Mae is an author, speaker and a birth mom.  She is also a member of the Spirit of Faith Adoptions' staff.  

In her recently published book, "Fireweed," she candidly tells the story of her unexpected pregnancy and parenting choice of adoption at 17 years of age.  Her story pulls the reader in.  You will laugh.  You will cry.   You will praise God with Jennifer.  This is a must-read book. 

Jennifer Mae turned her brokeness into a testimony of grace, love and hope.  She is a devoted wife, a loving mother, and a beloved child of God who courageously opens her heart and shares her story because she wants others to know and understand adoption from the heart of the birth mother. 

Jennifer Mae's story is available on Amazon for $16.  She has designated a portion of all proceeds to go to the Fireweed Retreat.  The first annual Fireweed Retreat, a Christian women's retreat for birth mothers will take place at Beulah Beach, in Vermilion, Ohio Sept 18-20th, 2020.  All are welcome to register, no matter if a birth mother placed through Spirit of Faith Adoptions or any other agency or attorney.   As a social work student, adoption coordinator, and speaker, Jennifer Mae is passionate about telling her story and caring for other women who have also walked in the shoes of a birth mother.  It will be a weekend of sisterhood, encouragement and fun!

Jennifer Mae is also a gifted speaker.  She will be sharing excerpts from her memoir at her Book Opening Event this Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 at the Waterville Event Center.  This is a family-friendly event, safe for children and families to attend.  You can also hear some of her story at the Spirit of Faith Adoptions' Orientation meetings via Zoom.  The next one is on November 19th from 7-8pm.  

Jennifer Mae is a blessing, not only for choosing life for her unborn baby, but for humbly breaking her own heart as a mother as she chose adoption for her daughter, and for bravely writing her story and sharing it with the world.  

All adoptees, birth mothers, birth fathers, expectant parents, parents of birth parents, adoptive parents, pastors, teachers, counselors, social workers, pregnancy advocates and volunteers, and friends of birth parents need to meet Jennifer Mae, through her story or in person. 

Adoption is a loving choice.  It is not easy.  It is made by a loving, selfless parent who loves his/her child very, very much.     

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