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Adoptees Ohio Infant Open Adoption www.spiritoffaithadoptions.orgIt is a sincere pleasure to celebrate birthdays at Spirit of Faith Adoptions!  We're so grateful to God for His amazing and unique creations.  Recently, a family sent us this email update, "Each night in November, I ask the children a gratitude question to prepare their hearts for Thanksgiving.  Last week, the question was "What memory are you most thankful for?"  Our child said his adoption was the memory he was most thankful for.  His sister said, "But you don't remember your adoption."  Our son said, "Sure I do.  I remember it every day because it's how God gave me my family."   Isn't that so precious!?  Even though he can't recall any of the details of his birth or adoptive placement, he knows in his heart that God loves him, and his family loves him, both his birth family and his adoptive family.  We all celebrate the gift of his life, on his birthday and every day! 

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