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This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Ps 118:24
This is certainly a hard verse to apply lately with what has been going on....the virus, and certain twists and turns that occur almost on a daily basis in every aspect of life ....that we just don't see coming. But David, who had his share of challenges and disappointments trusted God and persevered. I believe in this verse and I hope you all join me in rejoicing and being glad today...just as David did. God will see us all through the valley as He did with David, and I firmly believe He will guide and protect us as well.
All meetings will continue to be conducted virtually including Pre-Service Training, Home Study Interviews and Meetings with Expectant Parents. The in-person safety audit will be conducted after all home study interviews are completed for new families. For families with current home studies that are transferring to Spirit of Faith Adoptions, within 90 days of the lifting the restrictions, we will conduct your safety audits.
Regarding births, we will follow all hospital policies, which are subject to change frequently. 
If any of you have any further questions or concerns as it relates to the above or prior emails, please contact me.
God bless you all and you all remain in my daily prayers.


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