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minnie zhou CO7Ncwg8IxI unsplashThings are looking much different for infants being adopted in 2020, due to the impact of COVID.  Historically, many hopeful adoptive parents have been invited to spend time at the hospital between baby's birth and the 3 days following, the minimum wait time required by Ohio law before biological parents can consent to their child's adoption.  Since the onset of COVID, hospitals are taking many more precautions to protect the health and safety of baby and biological mother by limiting visitors and minimizing time spent at the hospital. If the baby's biological parent(s) choose adoption, most do not intend to care for baby after discharge. For that reason, adoptive parents are encouraged to obtain CRADLE CARE certification, also known as Foster Care Certification or "dual licensure."  That way, baby can go home with his/her adoptive parents after being discharged from the hospital, even prior to the mandated 72 hour waiting period before baby's biological parent(s) can provide consent to baby's permanent adoptive placement.  

There are many advantages for hopeful adoptive parents to request Cradle Care certification at the same time that they are completing their adoption home study:  

1. It's faster, easier, and less expensive to pursue both cradle care and adoption certification (aka "dual licensure") at the same time.

2. It provides you with the option of taking your adoptive child home from the hospital prior to the end of the 72 hour waiting period

3. You and your spouse receive payment for participating in training and will receive a stipend paid by the agency to you for each day you provide  cradle care, for your child or for another child, if you are open to caring a child who's parents are not cradle care certified.  (Being cradle care certified does not require families to care for other children.)

4. You will have opportunities to receive trainings that will equip you for successful adoptive parenting. 

Adoptive parents, you may be wondering what the cons are. Here are a few important things to know:

1. Ongoing training is required for as long as you have the cradle care certification (currently 24 hours per two-year certification period)
2. If you decide to add it later, you have to redo significant amounts of home study paperwork, and pay for an additional adoption home study update
3. Not having a dual license could mean that your adoptive child is placed in another cradle care home for several days before you are able to bring your adopted child home. 
For more information about Infant Adoption, Cradle Care and/or Foster Parent Training, please contact Spirit of Faith Adoptions @ 419-843-5355.  


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