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“The Beginning”

By Peter Wurster

As a current SOFA marketing intern, I am delighted to have the opportunity to share the incredible story of Spirit of Faith Adoptions. As the son of the director and proud adoptee myself, I’ve been able to witness first-hand how this agency was formed, and grown as a result of true reliance and faith in Jesus Christ. For fifteen years, Spirit of Faith Adoptions has not only helped create families all over Ohio and beyond, but has also shown the greatest devotion in caring for biological parents and adoptive families.


IMG 5506In this first of three installments of this special SOFA Story blog, we’ll explore how director, Phillip Wurster (my dad), truly prayed Spirit of Faith Adoptions into existence. We will also revisit SOFA’s opening in 2006 and discover the unique circumstance that gave the agency its name. 


One Sunday morning while sitting in church…

My dad heard a message that would ultimately change the trajectory of his personal and professional life. In a sermon that my dad would never forget, God laid on his heart the beginnings of a plan for a Christian adoption agency in Ohio. The sermon asked the question, “are you following God’s will for your life?”

After adopting a two year old boy from Russia in 2001 (me!), my mom and dad witnessed the challenges and joys of adoption first-hand. It became their desire to ease the difficulty for other families also wishing to adopt. Simultaneously, my dad began to consider a career change. He prayed earnestly that God would lead him toward a future that would bring glory to Him. When my dad heard that sermon on that Sunday fifteen years ago, it struck him that he should form an adoption agency.  And so, Spirit of Faith Adoptions became the answer to Dad’s prayer that his new career be one that would honor the Lord. With his professional training as an attorney, and a whole lot of faith, Phill Wurster began Spirit of Faith Adoptions in 2006. 


“You are cordially invited to an open house celebrating the establishment of Spirit of Faith Adoptions”.


IMG 5508This invitation welcomed family and friends to a special event hosted at the agency’s new office in October of 2006. Food was catered and guests were greeted warmly by the brand new director. In a family photo album featuring events of the evening, my mom wrote, “We pray this venture will be successful and bring glory to God''. 


The freshly furnished office space served as the perfect venue for this  memorable occasion. With friends joining in to help move office furniture and a picnic on the floor for the Wurster kids, Spirit of Faith Adoptions began its journey to serve God and families. 


What’s in a name?


The name, Spirit of Faith Adoptions came about in an unexpected and rather humorous way. Actually, my dad came up with the acronym “SOFA'' while laying on our family couch. As he contemplated the name for his new faith-based agency, the words “spirit” and “faith” came to mind. According to my dad, the other letters seemingly fell into place perfectly and the name and acronym were born! Who knew God had such a sense of humor!


So that’s how it all began! Stay tuned for our next installment of The SOFA Story!

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