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 "I honor you for your sacrifice!" ~Kevin Hofmann, adult adoptee   (

To Our Son’s First Mother:  "Today, and every day, we want to know how very much we honor you. You are a model of Christian sacrifice, laying down your own happiness for the good of your child, and this inspires us. The Holy Spirit is working through you. Your wisdom, understanding, fortitude, and knowledge point us to God in our own journey as parents. Your continued connection to him and our family means so much as he develops his own sense of identity and purpose. Knowing of your love, first hand, will allow him to be ever more secure in who he was created to be." 

"We feel so much love for our sons birth mother, and pray for her often. Without her love and sacrifice for her son we would not be able to have a family. She will forever hold a place in our hearts and be a part of our family." 

"There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about my child's first mom.  My daughter looks just like her.  Every time I am reminded of her, I say a little prayer for her. I hope she knows how much we treasure her."

"Even though I didn't meet my birth mother until I was an adult, I always wondered who she was. I knew deep in my heart that she loved me and made the best decision for me. I've had a great life!  I feel incredibly grateful to her."

"I honor her for her sacrificial love of her son." 

"As we have watched our son grow, we have so much deep love, appreciation, respect and admiration for his birth mom."

"Even when circumstances are not ideal or the situation is not what you intended, women choose life and sometimes, adoption for their babies. That is the most loving sacrifice I have ever had the pleasure to observe."

"We cherish her sacrificial gift of love to us and to her son. She chose us and gave her son a forever home that she wanted for him, but could not provide."

"She will forever have a special place of honor, admiration and love in our home and hearts."

"What you have been through breaks my heart. Despite all that, you gave your baby her parents. We pray for your health and healing every single day. We love you!"

"Grace is the birth mom of our wonderful and treasured son.  Her wisdom and selflessness to seek adoption and the sacrificial love of her son were evident even as she still carried him.  It has been a tremendous joy and delight to parent him and our deep love, appreciation, respect and admiration of Grace has grown as he has grown." 

"We admire her appreciation for the dignity and beauty of life as something to treasure even when circumstances are not ideal or the situation is not what you intended." 

"She will forever have a special place of honor, admiration and love in our home and hearts."  

"I grew in your tummy.  You took care of me.  I love you."

"We think of you all the time. I wonder where you are and what you're doing.  Please know that our son is growing up to be a really great kid!  Sending much love your way."

"To the Mom who made me a Mom:
Although my little boy doesn’t understand who exactly his tummy mommy is, we talk about how she loved him so much that she chose us to be his parents! I know that you chose me to care for your baby and make sure he grows into a sweet and loving young man. I still do not know how you were able to make the great sacrifice but will be forever grateful! Someday he will understand how much you loved him and the sacrifice you made as well! Thank you doesn’t seem strong enough but I will be forever grateful that you made me a Mom!"

"We were blessed to adopt a baby boy in 2018 which also brought our beautiful birth other into our lives. Meeting her has been one of the greatest experiences of our life.  She is courageous, selfless, and wanted more for her child than she did for herself.  Her life circumstances weren’t fair, weren’t easy, and yet she was working so hard to persevere.  Our experience and time together will always be one of the most impactful experiences of our lives. We have written each other, prayed for each other and celebrated milestones.  Our visits have brought us peace and the joy of watching one of life’s greatest gifts, our son, grow. We have so much admiration for our amazing birth mother.  She has taught and given us so much, and she will always be loved by our family!!" 

"Thank you for loving me, Birth Mom."

"Wherever you are, Birth Mom, I think about you and I think I would like to meet you some day."

"My friends don't really get adoption, but I do. If it wasn't for my first mom who loved me so much, I wouldn't be who I am. I get it. Thanks!"

"I didn't know the sacrifice my birth mom made until I became a mom myself.  WOW!"

"I hope you are doing ok."

"I want you to know I am doing well and I am happy."

"I think it's cool to have been adopted."

"You must be an amazing person." 

"I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for you.  Thank you Birth Mom." 

"There are no words that can adequately express what a beautiful thing you’ve done. May God bless you for the selfless love you’ve shown for your child! We pray that you feel loved and blessed today as we remember your love for your child."

"There are a few days that will forever connect us to one another. One day belongs to the birth of a precious baby boy. One belongs to the day you placed him in my arms, and one belongs to both of us as we’re honored as his mother and mama. You are incredible, and I want to make sure you always remember. Your love for my sweet boy was so powerful that you entrusted him to me. You chose to give him life on that cold night. You chose to place him in my arms on that very late and quiet night, and I choose to honor you always for both of those choices on Mother’s Day and every day! Thank you for being brave!" 

"I want to honor two of the strongest, most selfless women I've ever known. Riley's and Mallory's birthmoms both made the decision to give their child life, amid more difficult circumstances than many of us have ever encountered. This decision was not easy or without consequence, but was made in great love and faith. Today these ladies are an integral part of our family. Our children know them, love them, and miss them when we are apart."
"Thank you God for these incredible women and for our precious son and daughter." 
"Our birth mom is brave, so extremely brave to have given us the wonderful blessing that is our son... ours and hers. The amazing strength and courage it took for her to sacrifice of herself for her child. We will always lift her up in prayer and teach our son about how much he is not only loved by us, but by his birth mom. Always.  We see her smile in our son’s face. We hug him again and again for her also, showing not only our love for him but hers. We wish her so much blessing and joy on this Mother’s Day." 
"Two beautiful brave women changed my life forever, they made me a Mom. I think of them always and love seeing these women in my kids facial expressions and smiles. I love them more than they can ever know. Thank you." 

"Women who choose adoption for their children are mothers who break through own hearts and put the needs of their children before their own. Birth mothers are selfless, courageous and brave. I admire your love for your placed child!"

"You willingly endured heartache and pain to put your child's needs first. That is truly a mother's sacrifice." 


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