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Fireweed Retreat is a Christ-centered retreat for Natural/First/Birthmothers looking to connect with other women who placed and are wanting to find the hope of Jesus in their stories.Fireweed Retreat was founded by Jennifer Mae.

Jennifer Mae placed her infant daughter with her adoptive parents more than 17 years ago.  Through her own process of griefing and healing, she wrote her memoir, Fireweed which is now a published book.  The retreat is named after this book.

Jennifer Mae is an integral member of the Spirit of Faith Adoptions' team.  As a Certified Adoption Assessor, she provides care and support for biological parents as they explore both adoption and parenting for their babies.  And, it is at the core of Jennifer Mae's heart to provide continued care and support for those parents that courageously choose adoption when parenting isn't an option. 

Fireweed Retreat will take place at Beulah Beach in Vermilion, Ohio on September 18-19, 2021.  Registration is open to all birth mothers.  For more information about Fireweed Retreat, please click here   

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