Which Type of Adoption is Right for Us

There are so many choices ...

Domestic Adoption, International Adoption, Foster to Adopt, Public Adoption, Older Child Adoption, Private Infant Adoption, Step-Parent Adoption

Trying to choose the path to adoption that is best for you may seem confusing, especially at the beginning.  Below is a general, brief explanation of the different ways in which to welcome adopted children in to your forever family.

Domestic Adoption

Domestic Adoption is defined as adopting a child born in the United States. Spirit of Faith Adoptions is licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to provide domestic infant adoptive placement services in Ohio.

Private Infant Adoption

Infant Adoption in Ohio can be facilitated by a state licensed adoption agency in Ohio such as Spirit of Faith Adoptions or by an attorney.  Private infant adoption means the adoptive parents pay all adoption fees and the decision to place the child with an adoptive family is voluntarily made by the child's biological (birth) parent(s).  Review Becoming An Adoptive Family - the Steps to learn more. There are financial resources available to offset expenses for families formed through private adoption in Ohio: Click to read more about 1. Federal and Ohio Adoption Tax Credits    2.  Fees and Financial Resources

Step-Parent Adoption

In Ohio, a spouse can apply through their local county court to legally adopt the child after the step-parent has been married for at least one year to one of the child's birth parents.  An adoption attorney can assist families through that process.

Public Adoption

Public Adoption (also referred to as "Older Child Adoption" or "Waiting Child Adoption") is generally funded by state and federal tax dollars.  Biological parents' rights have been legally terminated by a court of law while the children have been cared for by an alternate caregiver such as a foster family or relative.  The children could reside in Ohio or in another state.

  • Typically, there is no contact between birth and adoptive parents.
  • The children are generally six years of age and older.
  • These children need and want forever famlies.
  • Private child placing agencies in Ohio exist to colaborate with the public child welfare agencies to provide support to the adoptive family and to help older children get adopted, at little cost to the adoptive parents. 
  • Foster to Adopt:  Families can apply directly to their local Job and Family Services child welfare agency.  While a foster child is in your care, you may have contact with the birth family.  If the child becomes available for adoption, foster parents have the option to adopt him/her.

International Adoption

International adoption involves a licensed international adoption agency.  It's important for these agencies to be Hague certified and COA accredited.  The adopted child is an orphan and was born to his/her birth parents in another country.  Each country sets guidelines and determines eligiblity requirements for adoptive applicants.  Spirit of Faith Adoptions is not licensed to provide international homestudies or to facilitate international adoptions.

Click to learn more about the steps of adopting an infant through Spirit of Faith Adoptions in Ohio.

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