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through Christ-centered Adoption in Ohio

Jennifer Mae is an Ohio birth mom and is smiling, looking at the camera.

I Chose Adoption For My Baby


Hi, my name is Jennifer Mae, and I am a Birth Mom.

Eighteen years ago, I placed my baby for adoption.

I chose this adoption center near me because the staff was empathetic, and they truly cared about me. They explained the adoption process, and how they carefully screened hopeful adoptive parents. 

The staff supported me, step by step, as I figured out how to find the right family for my baby. 

My decision to place my baby wasn't easy. But I felt peace when she was born, and I still do, all these years later. I never felt coerced or pushed into doing anything I didn’t want to do. 

I took time to process and heal before I joined the SOFA staff in 2016.     

Photo Credit: Caitlin Sworden Photography

What Is Adoption?

Through Spirit of Faith Adoptions, choosing adoption gives your child the blessing to know about you and how your brave decision was made out of unconditional love.  

Please know: 

1. We carefully screen and prepare Christian adoptive parents to raise healthy, happy children.

2. There is a safe, loving family for every child. 

3. You can choose your child's parents. 

4. You can stay connected directly or receive updates through SOFA. 

Whether you choose parenting or adoption, we want you to feel at peace with your decision.  


5 adopted children sitting a couch together smiling in Toledo, Ohio

I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for you. Thank you, Birth Mom."~child adopted through SOFA

Birth Mom is Holding Her Baby, thinking about putting her baby up for adoption in Ohio


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Adoption Is A Blessing!

We are forever grateful for the precious lives of our two boys.

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