Fee Schedule
for Adoption Services

Revised March 1, 2023

Please note:  The fees associated with each step/service are due at the time of service and must be paid prior to advancing to the next subsequent step as outlined below.






Initial Inquiry



Orientation to Infant Adoption (1) Hour Zoom Seminar




Application for Child Placement or Transfer Into SOFA


"Transfer Into SOFA" applies to a foster/adoptive family from an Ohio licensed adoption agency with currently approved homestudy.


Homestudy Assessment


For foster care and adoption

  180 Day Late Fee: $500.00 Due if homestudy paperwork is not received within 180 days from date Application for Child Placement has been received
  365 Day Late Fee: $750.00  Due if homestudy paperwork is not received within 365 days from date Application for Child Placement has been received.

Large Family Assessment



Required for families with (4) or more children


Pre-Adoptive Infant Foster Care Pre-Service Training


Applies to families that apply to foster to adopt


Activation into Domestic Infant Matching Program


Required for all families entering the program or re-entering after completing Step 7. (N/A for targeted adoptions.)


Adoptive Family Profiles


Paid directly to Shutterfly 


Matching and Coordination Deposit


Due at the time of match. Coordination is defined as support of pregnant mom pre and post placement. If she parents, a partial refund may apply per Director’s discretion.


Deposit of Living Expenses for Expectant Mother


This is due at the time of the match. Unused funds will be refunded.


Medical Expenses


In the event that an expectant parent does not qualify for medical coverage during pregnancy, adoptive parents will be financially responsible for those bills.


Facilitation of the Permanent Surrender and Adoptive Placement


Due within (30) days of placement. Reduced by 50% for targeted adoptions.


Legal Representation for Expectant/Biological Parent(s)


SOFA requires indep. legal representation for biological parent(s) at the time of surrender.


Post Placement Supervision


Minimum of (7) face to face visits with foster/adoptive parents required by law until adoption is finalized in court.


Additional Post Placement Supervision

$450.00 each

Charged per visit beyond required 1st (7) visits


Adoption Finalization


At least (6) full months after placement, families will be required to finalize their child's adoption in court. SOFA strongly recommends finalizing in Lucas County where the agency is located. Legal fees will be payable directly to the attorney.


Homestudy Update


Homestudies are valid for (24) months, at which time, a home study update is required.


Post Placement Support Services for Birth Parent(s)


Supports the annual Fireweed Birth Mom Retreat and post adoption support for birth parents.


Below are Additional Services Offered:


(not applicable to all foster/adoptive families):



Interstate Compact (ICPC)


Charged at the time a family with an approved homestudy requests assistance with an out of state adoption.


Homestudy Amendment


Click HERE to report a change in your household (after homestudy is approved).  If a home visit is required, the fee will be $500.00


Post Adoption Support


SOFA staff will facilitate triad meetings @ $100.00/hr. as requested


Ongoing Parent Training Opportunities


No charge for licensed foster parents to attend.  A minimal fee will be charged to adoptive parents. 

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