5 Questions Every New Parent Wants to Ask

How much does adoption cost?

$22,500 - $36,450+   

Federal Adoption Tax Credits and a State of Ohio Adoption Grant are available to offset expenses incurred by adoptive families in Ohio. Click HERE to read about the Federal  income limits. For qualifying households, total out of pocket expenses tend to be in the range of approximately *$4,610 - $11,110+.

Click here to review Spirit of Faith Adoptions’ Fee Schedule.  

There are 2 types of adoption:  1. public adoption from foster care-adoption services are covered by taxpayer dollars, and 2. private adoption (Spirit of Faith Adoptions is a privately licensed adoption agency)-all services and support to biological parents and adoptive families are made possible through the generous support of donors, grants, and fees paid by adoptive families.  

How long does it take to adopt?

Over the past 5 years, families have waited between 1-50 months for their family to grow through adoption. 

It takes an adoptive family 4-9 months to complete their home study.  After the home study has been completed, the biological parents review families’ profiles and request to meet 1 or more families.  Then, the biological parents may want to move forward with adoption and request to become matched with one specific hopeful adoptive family.  Many biological parents start the adoption planning process around 16-20 weeks pregnant.

How many families are currently waiting? 

We don’t want adoptive families waiting too long.  We monitor the total number of waiting families on a regular basis so that we can meet the needs of every expectant parent who wants our help. 

Can we work with more than one agency at the same time?

Yes.  We fully support parents’ dreams to grow their families through adoption, and God has a perfect plan for each family!  All we ask is to keep us updated on your status.

How can we learn more about open adoption?

Our SOFA Team consists of a birth mom, a single mom, adoptive parents, adoptees, and skilled clinicians.  This team regularly offers trainings and support sessions on how to navigate the lifelong journey of a successful open adoption. Check the Events and Orientation pages to find upcoming opportunities.