Helping you navigate the journey of open adoption

We’re here to listen and answer your questions.

Pregnant mother

An unplanned pregnancy may leave you feeling overwhelmed, scared and alone. We’ll be there with you before, during, and after delivery so that you and your child’s life can be filled with love, joy, and support.

So you’re thinking about open adoption – but where do you begin?

Spirit of Faith Adoptions has been working alongside biological parents and their families since 2006, taking a Christ-centered approach to supporting you with listening, learning, and kindness.  If you wish, we can connect you to a supportive community of others who have walked the same path.  We’ll be there with you as you turn a difficult situation into the most beautiful thing you've ever done.

We know you have lots of questions; we’re here to answer them all.

Adoption: A Loving Option for You & Your Baby


of moms experiencing an unplanned pregnancy feel overwhelmed


more likely for a child to live in poverty when the father is absent


of expectant moms considering adoption are parenting other children with minimal resources

9 of 10

adoptees, ages 5 and older report positive feelings about adoption


biological families have received Christ centered support from SOFA since 2006 


of staff have personal experience with open adoption

Our Success Stories

"Knowing that my baby was going to be raised in a Christian home with a mother and a father was important to me. This has been the best decision I’ve ever made."

- Biological Mom

"They consistently follow up on what they promise. I trust them because they really care about me and my child."

- Biological Mom

"I wasn’t sure how open adoption was going to work. Years later, I now realize I didn't give up my son; I gave him a different life, and I gained a family."

- Biological Mom

3 Steps to Give Your Child the Life You Want For Them

Step 1 - Let's Talk (or Text)

Share your story and we’ll share about open adoption 

Step 2 - Select a Family

Complete the paperwork, select the right family, and make other choices

Step 3 - Watch Your Child Have the Life You Wanted for Them

Receive support, stay as connected as you want to, and see your child flourish 

Who We Are

SOFA is a Christ-centered, Non-Profit Infant Adoption Agency providing pregnancy support & adoption services in Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland. We are fully licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, and our staff of Counselors and Social Workers are Ohio Certified Adoption Assessors.

Our team is full of passionate Christ-followers who believe that transformative love is available to the biological parents, the adoptive family, and the children who experience open adoption. With over 125 years of combined adoption experience, you will come to trust our guidance and faithful support as you navigate your journey.

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Why We Do What We Do

We know God has a special heart for adoption. Compelled by the fact that we are adopted by our Heavenly Father, the mission of Spirit of Faith Adoptions is to provide Christ-centered adoption services, including education and awareness. We offer grace, compassion, and support to biological parents, adoptive families, and adoptees as they navigate the lifelong journey of adoption.

How We Do What We Do

Everyone has a story and we want to hear yours. That’s why we start by listening and patiently answering all your questions. If you decide to pursue open adoption, we will surround you with our experienced staff, and a community of support. 

We’ll always have your best interest at heart.

Our support happens before placement, during placement, and post placement – and we’ll communicate with you every step along the way. We ensure that you feel valued today and for years to come.

Our ultimate goal is to earn your trust by being reliable, transparent, and encouraging.