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The work is hard, the results are amazing. But we can’t do it without you.

Birth mom and adoptive mom with baby

Spirit of Faith Adoptions: where every penny has a purpose, every donation makes a difference, and every family matters.

One Time Gift

Your gift brings hope to a pregnant mother, her family, and her baby. Your gift also brings hope to adoptive families as they commit to a lifetime of supporting and loving a child.

Monthly Gifts

By supporting Spirit of Faith Adoptions through monthly giving, you are planting seeds in fertile soil that will cultivate family trees deeply rooted in Christ’s love. 

Monthly Giving

Join our passionate community of monthly donors creating stability for families. Our “Family Tree” monthly givers have several levels of giving to choose from:

$27 Level

This could bless 1 birth mom with an all-expenses-paid, Christ-centered weekend retreat called “Fireweed,” which honors and supports biological mothers who have lovingly chosen life and adoption for their children. 

$50 Level

This provides much needed support for a hopeful adoptive family when their hoped-for adoptive placement does not happen.

$127 Level

This can equip pregnancy care staff and volunteers, social workers and counselors, teachers, pastors and church congregations, or medical providers with adoption training and materials.

$500 Level

This empowers an expectant parent facing an unplanned pregnancy to blossom, with four counseling sessions per month with a trauma-informed therapist.

$1027 Level

This makes Christ-centered adoption financially attainable in Ohio.     

Why Give Monthly?

By supporting Spirit of Faith Adoptions through monthly giving, you are planting seeds in fertile soil that will cultivate family trees deeply rooted in Christ’s love.  

Special Access 

Members of the Family Tree will receive weekly prayer updates and invitations to join us for special gatherings.   


It’s simple to set up your recurring gift online, which then takes care of itself every month.


“True spirituality that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans, and widows in their troubles, and to refuse to be corrupted by the world’s values.” - James 1:27 PT

Our Events

God wrote an amazing story for our very first fundraising banquet! Your generosity will give the hope of Christ to more children and families as we expand our reach. 

Our fundraising event was fun and full of incredible stories and moving moments. Click to see the results.

SOFA Family

Who We Are

SOFA is a Christ-centered, Non-Profit Infant Adoption Agency providing pregnancy support & adoption services in Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland. We are fully licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, and our staff of Counselors and Social Workers are Ohio Certified Adoption Assessors.

Our team is full of passionate Christ-followers who believe that transformative love is available to the biological parents, the adoptive family, and the children who experience open adoption. With over 125 years of combined adoption experience, you will come to trust our guidance and love our faithful support as you navigate your journey.

Click here to read more about our story.

Why We Do What We Do

We know God has a special heart for adoption. Compelled by the fact that we are adopted by our Heavenly Father, the mission of Spirit of Faith Adoptions is to provide Christ-centered adoption services, including education and awareness. We offer grace, compassion, and support to biological parents, adoptive families, and adoptees as they navigate the lifelong journey of adoption.

Mom holding up her baby

How We Do What We Do

Everyone has a story and we want to hear yours. That’s why we start by listening and patiently answering all your questions. If you decide to pursue open adoption, we will surround you with our experienced staff, along with our supportive community. 

We’ll always have your best interest at heart.

Our support happens before placement, during placement, and post placement – and we’ll communicate with you every step along the way. We ensure that you feel valued today and for years to come.

Our ultimate goal is to earn your trust by being reliable, transparent, and encouraging.