Bobby and Kristine

Bobby and Kristine

Hello! We are Bobby, Kristine and Alexander. Our family has been formed on love and adoption. 

We are a happily married couple who find great joy in the simple things life has to offer, and our love and respect for one another has grown even more over the past six years since our wedding day. 

Alexander's birth mom chose to have an open adoption.  We get to see her a couple times a year and we truly enjoy keeping her updated with pictures and texts.

She means the world to us! She became like family the moment we met her. She was a selfless mom from the beginning and continues to amaze us with her generosity and love for Alexander. 

To us, adoption is the most beautiful endeavor one can experience!  Kristine's aunt and uncle fostered and adopted 13 children. This was always something we had on our hearts too, whether or not we were able to conceive on our own.  

For Kristine and I, it's a miracle to behold and will be forever grateful! 

Kristine and child at a u-pick farm

How Bobby Thinks of Kristine

Kristine has been everything I have hoped for in a wife and more. She's beautiful and confident, and I swear when she walks into a room, the music stops! She's smart but humble enough to poke fun at herself. She's dedicated and hard working but also knows how to make room for quality time when we need a break. She makes me a better person. One of my biggest desires in a wife was to have someone who would fit in well with my family.  Kristine loved my family from day one and treated them as her own. I am very blessed to have such a beautiful soul to share the rest of my life with! 

Bobby and child

How Kristine Thinks of Bobby

Bobby is the best husband anyone could every ask for! He is a loyal friend, a servant to many, and a man of many talents. He's super handsome, has a wonderful sense of humor, and makes me feel loved every moment of the day! He is thoughtful and always puts everyone before himself. He is a super star athlete, the favorite uncle, and the man of my dreams! He help me to strive to be a better person and leads our family closer to Christ through prayer and by his example. He is a constant reminder to me of how much we are loved by God!

A Little More About Us

We're a family that enjoys the simple things in life:  spending time with our extended families, creating family traditions, celebrating special moments, spending time in nature, relaxing, playing, and even working on projects together.   

Bobby and Kristine and family at a Christmas Tree farm

Our Promise to You

Our promise to you is that you will always be remembered and lifted up in prayer by your child and his/her adoptive parents. You child will know how brave, strong, and loving you are and how forever grateful we are that God chose us to help foster his/her growth, spiritually, mentally and physically. 

We promise to love the child in your womb with all of our hearts for the rest of our lives and to provide the best life we possibly can. 

Finally, our promise is that the child you carry within you will be the happiest and most loved person we will ever come to meet.

To us, placing one's child for adoption is the most selfless and heroic act a person can make. We honor you for your openness to life and will do whatever we can to help you on your journey. 

Child on Bobby's shoulders
Bobby, Kristine, and child hanging out beside the pool

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