Cody and Janae

Cody and Janae

Hello! We are Cody and Janae. We want you to know how much we respect the decision you are making. We know that in uncertain times, it is not easy to make life-changing decisons. Know that we are praying for you and your baby in this journey ahead. We would love to meet you and get to know you. We have already started telling our children about a loving mother who is waiting to provide her child with an opportunity to be a part of our family. You are precious to this story. We are excited to have the opportunity to get to know you.

cody and Janae and family

Meet Cody

Cody is a patient, kind, funny, and easy-going man. He speaks with gentleness and understanding and is a great listener. One of my favorite qualities about Cody as a husband, father, and friend, is that he reminds me of a verse in the Bible that talks about being "quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry." I love him for his faith in God and his unconditional love. As a father, he is patient and loving and so fun! He makes his own games and our kids LOVE it! ~ Janae

Cody and his children

Meet Janae

Janae has the type of personality that brings out the best in everyone! She is fun, energetic, and so kind-hearted. She is great with children and has a gentle way of approaching them. Janae is everything I envisioned for the mother of my children. She is patient when she is teaching, empathetic, and knows how to provide a child with needs specific to them. She is alwyas showing our children, and everyone for that matter, the love of Jesus. In my opinion, her degree in early childhood educaiton and passion to teach children provide our children the fundamentals that they need to be successful emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually for life. ~Cody

A Little More About Us

We have 3 biological children. We live in a rural community in Ohio. We enjoy playing outside and interacting with our neighbors. Our favorite summer pasttime tradition is vacationing at the beach in Sanibel Island, Florida. We love walking on the beach and finding starfish. Every spring, our kids look forward to finding and catching tadpoles behind their grandparents' house. We love all of the new Marvel superhero movies and trips to our favorite ice cream spot!

Cody and Janae and their children

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