Jason and Ruth

Jason and Ruth selfie in the car

Hi! We're Jason and Ruth.  We applaud your strength and love in making this brave decision. We can only imagine what a challenging time this must be for you, and we pray you find comfort and peace, now and always. 

Ruth was adopted at the age of 3 from Russia. "I've always known I was adopted."  I feel fortunate and special.  I have wondered about my Russian family, and I feel that my adoption has been such a blessing to me!  We welcome an open adoption with you. 

We imagine that you may be hurting or struggling with this big decision, but please be assured that choosing this selfless path shows that you only want what's best for your child.  What a privilege and it is for any parent to be entrusted with such a gift to be treasured - let alone, a child specifically chosen through adoption. 

Jason and Ruth

About Us

"Jason is my truly life partner! He is the love of my life and my enduring support, my best friend, and the kindest person I know." ~ Ruth

"I was careful when I met Ruth, to take time to really get to know her and take the relationship slowly because it takes time to trust matters of the heart. The first time I told her I loved her was when I proposed! I wanted her to realize that I truly mean it when I express my love, give my whole heart and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her!" ~ Jason

Ruth on her wedding day

We love to travel and spend time with our families.  We live on 2 acres next to farm, and we love animals!  We've been married since 2014. Jason is outgoing and social, Ruth is the quieter one of the two of us!  She has a sense of fun and adventure.  He loves cars, playing the sax and the violin, and he's a volunteer firefighter. 

Jason and Ruth on top of the world
Ruth with dogs
Jason and Ruth
Jason and Ruth dancing at their wedding

We welcome an open adoption with you!

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