Luke and Bri

Luke and Briana

We have been praying for you long before we will ever meet. We honor you as you walk this part of life. What you are doing is the most selfless act of love. Our desire is to emulate this same sacrificial love in our home. 

Adoption has always been part of our plan! From the moment we got married we knew we wanted to adopt.  Adoption is important to us because it plays a large role in our faith and in both of our families. Bri, her twin sister Bianca, and Luke's
mom are all adopted. We believe it is also a reflection of God's love since He adopted us to be His own children!

Our greatest desire is to be able to build a family and love and bless a child just like both of us were loved and provided with an amazing family growing up.

Luke and Briana, ready to adopt in Ohio

Meet Bri

What I love about Bri:
Her love for God, her love for people, her beauty, her unwavering love for me, her determination to achieve, her sense of humor,
her patience, her faithfulness to God and others, her love of cooking and coffee shops, her willingness to try new things.


Hi, I'm Bri! I have a very type A personality, which helps me in my career. I like to know every detail about the people I love because it makes me feel closer to them. I like taking spin classes to relieve stress. My favorite day of the week is Friday because I know Saturday is coming! I love listening to and finding good music. I love animals and I think I got that love from my Grandpa. I love cooking because I love real, whole foods. Reading is one of my favorite things because you can better yourself, while also multitasking (audiobooks too). I love the outdoors because it is beautiful and relaxing. I love meal prepping meals for the week because it starts each week off on the right foot.

Luke and Briana, excited to adopt a baby in Ohio

Meet Luke

What I love about Luke:

He puts Jesus first, is selfless, trustworthy, funny, compassionate, patient, loyal, authentic, steady, consistent and calm.


Hi, I'm Luke! I really enjoy reading because it allows me to take a break from the business of life and visit a new world or era in history all from the comfort of home or from a nice coffee shop. I wake up early because it is an uninterrupted time where I can spend time with the Lord. I enjoy attending Jiu-Jitsu class because it is a community of friends and it is intense physical and mental exercise. I love being around people and pushing myself physically and Jiu Jitsu allows me to do both at the same time!
I am a pastor because I truly believe that God loves people and has a plan for their lives. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than being able to help people see the beauty and fulfillment of new life in Christ. I love taking walks outside because it helps me to think clearly while also taking in the beauty of God’s creation. I love serving and laughing. These are two things that I feel truly bring people together and build strong relationships so I love whenever I can serve alongside someone and laugh together.

Luke and Briana, adoptive parents ready to adopt in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

We do not have any children yet but we have the honor of leading a youth group full of 30+ middle and high schoolers. We absolutely love these students and feel it is one of the biggest honors to be able to walk life with them and help them know their value in Christ.

Our faith is the center of our marriage. Bri and I both grew up in church, met at church, and have been active in our church together ever since.

We love traveling! We both desire to see the world and enjoy God’s creation. Ultimately, we love a good adventure together and we have been blessed to be able to do that through traveling to places like Jamaica, Dominican Republic, France and England.

We enjoy spending time with family! Family means so much to us and we love celebrating together during holidays and birthdays. But we also just enjoy getting together for no other reason than to play games and laugh together.

We love sitting together on the couch and reading. It is our greatest joy to be beside each other and one of our favorite things is to sit side by side and read a good book.

We love finding new coffee shops! Since we love adventure and coffee nothing is better than an adventure to find a new coffee shop.

Luke and Briana, married Christian couple ready to adopt a baby in Ohio

Our Wish For You

We cannot begin to imagine what you are feeling, but please know that we look to you with the utmost respect and honor as you consider this choice. It is the most selfless and loving thing and it will always be remembered as that. We are praying for you daily, that the peace of God that passes all understanding would rest on you as you walk through this journey.

We would be honored to know you and hear your story. We desire for you to know that you are valued by us and God especially during this time. We cannot begin to imagine the difficulty of this time but we value you and honor you for the choices. We know there is so much to your story and we do not take lightly the opportunity to hear it and be part of it.

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