Nick and Abigail

Nick and Abigail, ready to adopt in Ohio

Dear Family, Believe us when we say we could talk about how excited we are to become parents, but right now, we want to speak to you. We want you to know you are genuinely, independently, a valuable image of God that we are so excited to meet! Open adoption is a spectrum we want to navigate together. We want to connect. We want to honor you.

This verse has been on our hearts and we've been praying it over you, "Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come." (Proverbs 31:25 ESV)

We don't know all that you are feeling and going through right now, but we hope you feel strength and dignity. Even though, at this time, it may not seem like the future is full of laughter, we hope that you will have a future of joy, peace and laughter.

Abigail and Nick enjoying a favorite hobby together-snowboarding

Meet Abigail

I (Nick) have learned how to enjoy the small things from Abigail. She has shown me how to find joy and peace in everything I do and also find a purpose within my life!

I do go by Abigail, but I'm "Abba" to most friends/family. I am the oldest of 3 siblings and we're all very close. I can't imagine my life without my relationship with God, and I am so excited to be going on this journey now with Nick and someday, with you!

My day job is an accountant. I am someone who appreciates when all the puzzle pieces come together and things are organized, so accounting is a perfect fit. I have the privilege of being able to work from home full-time and gain a lot of flexibility from that.

I enjoy being active and doing things like Zumba and 5k's. I'm a homebody at heart. I love to sit with a cup of coffee and read a good book.

Nick and Abigail searching for the perfect Christmas tree

Meet Nick

I (Abigail) have appreciated Nick's ability to view things from other people's perspectives. I've learned so much about empathy from him!

From Nick, I am an only child, born and raised in a Christian family, and I currently work as a remote pilot helping train air traffic controllers for the FAA. One of my favorite activities is going to hockey games with Abigail. If we aren't watching them in the stadium, we are definitely on the couch rooting for them!

My favorite hobby is bowling. I started when I was five years old, and it has been something I've continued doing through my school and adult years. I hope to enjoy it one day with our children.

Nick and Abigail standing in their front yard

We moved into our home in 2022. We wanted a ranch with a little bit of land. Nothing too big, but enough space for our future family, a fireplace, for winter evenings, a dine-in kitchen for family dinners, and many future holidays, and a yard big enough for kickball games.

Together, we enjoy being baristas at home and volunteering at our church's coffee shop. With Abigail's parents being from Minnesota, Abigail taught Nick how to snowboard. We try to get out at least a few times a year. Snowshoe has been a favorite place so far. We love playing games with family and friends, and look forward to playing games with our children! If you have kid game suggestions, please let us know!

Nick and Abigail at a hockey game

Whatever choice you make for your baby's future will be the right one because it will be made out of love.

Thank you for considering us to be the caretakers of such a precious gift. We freely acknowledge that we are imperfect, we have and will make mistakes, but we know that we will do and give all that's in our power to be the best parents we can. We pray that God will use our weakness to let His grace and power work in and through us. We truly hope to meet you someday! May the God of strength, dignity, and joy be with you!

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