Seth and Megan

Seth and Megan making funny faces

Megan and I want you to know that we recognize the sacrifice you are making and the depth of love you possess in choosing this courageous and selfless decision.

We do not take this lightly.

Our desire is to show the same sacrificial love in our home; a love that puts others first, shows up even when it's difficult, and is unconditional.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about us and consider us as you make one of the most challenging decisions you will ever make. 

Meet Seth through Megan's Eyes

Seth and Megan

Seth is an incredibly patient man with a huge heart to serve others. Some of his favorite things to do are spending time with people and helping others.

I love that he works alongside me to take wonderful care of our son, our home, and finances. He is an excellent provider.

Seth is also a child at heart. He loves to have fun and enjoys adventure. Something about Seth that I admire is the way he is intentional with children. He takes the time to get on their level, look them in the eye, and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Seth has extremely strong work ethic and is tremendously loyal. He works in management with his company and takes this very seriously.

He is also part of a closely-knit family that love each other deeply and support us both fully.

Meet Megan through Seth's Eyes

Seth and Megan
Through giving and passion, my wife deeply impacts all with whom she engages.

Megan loves to give of herself. She continually and willingly sets aside all personal indulgences for the sake of others.

One of the ways Megan shows her love is through gift giving. Her heart for giving is only bound by the realities of life. I've never seen anyone so intimately aware of others that she knows what they want and need far sooner than they even know what they want and need. 

Megan is also passionate about whatever she pursues. In her work, she interacts with families affected by disability and her deeply involved, self-sacrificing, care for those with whom she works is exemplary to all.

About the Three of Us....

Seth and Megan's family

We love God's amazing creation and haven't even scratched the surface of all the amazing places across the country to explore and hike. Whether it's the incredible peaks of Lake Tahoe or the beautiful city of Charleston, we are up for the adventure!

As a family, we love to spend time with our friends, especially our small group at church. We enjoy reading together and going for evening walks when the weather is nice! 

Thank you for taking time to get to know us. We're honored and humbled that you would consider us. 

You are in our prayers!

Seth and Megan's family

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