Todd and Andrea

Todd and Andrea hopeful adoptive parents in Ohio Spirit of Faith Adoptions
Todd and Andrea with their dog on the sofa

Dear Expectant Parent,

We are so overjoyed and excited that you are considering adoption. Your selflessness shows no bounds. It would be a great honor for us to be a part of your story, and for you to be a part of ours. The nature of heartaches, struggles, and pain all of us have gone through may not be identical, but our common experiences as human beings and the love we have unites us already. We are truly grateful that you are contemplating inviting us to be a part of your journey.

Love, Todd and Andrea

The One For Me

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I knew that Todd was the one very quickly after we began dating. I always told God when He was ready to bring my husband into my life, then I needed it to be certain. Boy, did He deliver on that! Todd and I were both so awkwardly perfect for each other! Our priorities, our faith, goals, and outlook all aligned. I loved how I could totally be myself with Todd, and he loved me anyways! We had our first date at Ruby Tuesdays. Now it is an adorable tradition for us to try to find them when we travel! We dated for almost one year before we got engaged. Now he's stuck with me!

Todd is a hard-working and driven man. He loves soccer and loves to spend time outside with family and friends. He likes to express himself through sneakers. He finds it really fun to match outfits to his athletic shoes! And he is really looking forward to sharing this passion with our children.

He loves people deeply and shows them how important they are to him. He has a great sense of humor and can always make me laugh. I can trust him with 100% of every part of my life. His strong faith guides him, and he gives the best hugs! He gets involved in ministries and in causes that he believes in. He doesn't just stand on the sidelines.

Things I Love About Andrea

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I put pursuing school and a career ahead of pursuing a spouse. It seemed as if suddenly so much time had passed. My friends all got married in youth group or in life group. So, I joined eHarmony. I attended church where the pastor said, "Your value doesn't come from your marital status, but from being in Christ." This hit home and I gave it to God and matched with Andrea. As my best man said at my wedding, "by throwing away the checklist, God gave me Andrea!" (who checked every box on my list, especially that she was a woman who had a real faith and a personal relationship with God!)

She loves helping people. She chose to be teacher in order to help children grow and to love on them. She loves dogs too! She also loves to sing, grab coffee with friends and try new projects.

I love her compassion and empathy, her smile, her willingness to put up with me, her support of my dreams, her laugh, and her ability to say the right things!

We're Excited!

Todd and Andrea ready to adopt in Ohio

Even before we got married, we knew God had called us to start a family. We had no idea what that would look like, but we knew God had a plan. Family is very important to both of us. Our families are looking forward to adding children to the family. Adoption is a huge blessing for us because it gives us an opportunity to grow our family and raise children in the ways of the Lord. God bringing YOU into our lives is such a miracle and what a blessing it will be to get to know you!

Todd and Andrea love traveling and are excited to adopt in Ohio

We would love to get to know you. Please contact SOFA to take the next step.

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