Financial FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the cost to adopt an infant through SOFA? *$4,610 - $11,110+

  • The total fees charged to an adoptive family that completes Steps 1-7 through Spirit of Faith Adoptions ranges between $29,500 - $36,000+
  • *Click to learn about the Federal Tax Credit and Ohio Adoption Grant, both of which can significantly reduce adoption expenses for adoptive families in Ohio.
  • The reason for the range of fees is that each circumstance is different, and families pay for only the corresponding fees that apply to their adoption. For example, in the state of Ohio, a birth mother can request to receive up to $3000.00 in living expenses while she is pregnant and planning to place her baby for adoption. Many birth moms need that financial assistance to ensure that their bills continue to be paid, even when they may be off from work after giving birth, however not everyone requests to receive living expenses.
  • The adoption fees are broken down, step by step, and families submit the fee due based on which step they are currently working through.

2. Are the above fees complete?

  • The above fees may be adjusted in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as: Home study fees
  • If additional investigation is required as a result of new information that should have been relayed to the home study assessor during the normal home study process, the applicants will be charged $75.00 per hour for assessor time (including portal to portal) plus expenses (including but not limited to long distance phone calls, copies at .10 cents a page, mileage at .58 cents a mile).
  • Placement fee: An additional $2000.00 per child shall be charged for multiple births.

3. How often are the fees modified?

  • The fees are modified as circumstances dictate.
  • Each time the fee schedule is modified, the schedule must be forwarded to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services for review.
  • Also, any time the fee schedule is modified, SOFA families will be notified.

4. Is it possible that fees will be raised once I have submitted an application to “Spirit of Faith Adoptions”?

  • Yes, the fee schedule may be modified as noted above.
  • SOFA Families will be sent the new fee schedule with a signature page requesting your consent to the new fees and your desire to remain active in the agency’s Step 4 Matching Program.

5. If fees are increased and I choose not to consent to the new fees, will I receive a refund? No.

6. Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about fees?

  • Please contact the Chief Executive Administrator, Phillip Wurster (419-843-5355) for any such questions.

7. When will fees be due?

  • Fees are due and payable upon completion of each step in the process as specified above. An invoice will be emailed and can be paid online.
  • An invoice for Step 7 will be issued within 30 days of the date of the adoptive placement.
  • All fees must be paid in full to the agency in order to proceed with a scheduled finalization hearing.
  • Until all fees have been paid, monthly post placement visits will continue to be provided by Spirit of Faith Adoptions until the finalization of the adoption has occurred in a court of law.

8. Are any of the fees refundable?

  • No fees are refundable except:
    • a. Any unused portion of the birth mother living expenses.
    • b. In the unfortunate instance when a failed adoption occurs - SOFA’s costs will be prorated to the amount of time spent in the matter, but shall in no case exceed $5,5000.00

9. Will there be traveling expenses charged?

  • Mileage fees are included in the fees however, families may be charged the current federal government rate per mile from the nearest office location round trip to your home or the location of a meeting for a home visit in the event of extenuating circumstances.

10. What is a “targeted” adoption?

  • A targeted adoption consists of an adoptive family and an expectant parent who already know one another and request assistance from Spirit of Faith Adoptions to provide adoption services and post adoption support to both parties.

Support for expectant (biological) parents is allowable by law up to $3000.00 and Spirit of Faith will work with the expectant parent to seek out and obtain all available services and/or support from his/her community resources first.

All birth parents who place their children into adoptive homes through Spirit of Faith Adoptions are offered on-going emotional support after placement, which can include counseling, support groups, and/or attendance at Fireweed Birth-Mom Retreat(s).

The ability to pay a fee shall not influence the choice of the most appropriate family or parent(s) for a child. This fee structure shall be applicable and non-discriminatory to all persons who have adopted through Spirit of Faith Adoptions.

Spirit of Faith Adoptions works diligently with the parties involved in every adoption to ensure that all needs are met in the most supportive and economical way. The staff makes every effort to negotiate fees with collaborating professionals whenever possible.