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Jennifer Mae is a birth mom and she is smiling and wearing a pretty dress

Would You Like To Talk With Someone?

A few SOFA staff raised children as single moms for a time, and another choose adoption. No matter what you're going through, we are here when you want to talk. 

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Adoptive Mom kissing forehead of adopted son who is sitting on birth mom's nap during the adoption process in Ohio

You Don't Have To Do This Alone

If you choose adoption:

If you decide to parent:

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husband and wife standing near a tree in the woods who are in the process of adopting a baby in Ohio

Families Ready to Adopt

We get to know our adoptive parents, through interviews, home safety inspections, health reports, bank records, references and training. We also check criminal records, and child abuse & sex offender registries. The family you choose to meet through SOFA is prepared and ready to meet you!

Meet Families Ready to Adopt

Adoption or Parenting?

If You Choose Adoption

Spirit of Faith Adoptions is here to help you to establish a relationship that feels comfortable. You can choose to stay in touch. You can even meet face to face after your child is placed. (as shown in this photo) 

Choosing openness in adoption helps in these ways:

  • Your child will know you chose adoption because you love him/her. 
  • You can see how your child is doing.
  • Your child will want to know about you.
  • Your child's adoptive parents will be thinking of you.
  • You can answer questions and provide updated medical information as time goes on.

What's most important to an adoptee is knowing their story.



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