Staying Connected through Adoption

Parents posing with their children

We're Nate and Natalie and we had the privilege of working with Spirit of Faith Adoptions in 2015 when our daughter, Gracelyn was born. 

Adoption Is Full of Surprises!....

Like so many adoption stories, ours was full of surprises, excitement, and tears of joy.  Over the years, we've continued to be surprised and find joy through adoption. 

Grace is Such a Blessing!

Just like our biological children, Grace brings uniqueness and beauty to our family in a way only she can. She is friendly, generous, kind, boisterous, and she feels deeply. 

We Are Staying Connected Through SOFA 

Though we didn't get to meet Grace's birth mom, we talk about her with Grace often because we want Grace to know as much of her story as we know. Every year, we send updates through SOFA in hopes her birth mom will know we care even though we're not in regular contact.

There are definitely hard moments in adoption, but we wouldn't change our experience for anything.